Software is the key to a successful IT system. Well-written software makes new, integrated business methods possible, which promote growth and efficiency and are easily manageable.

At Lede we write software to:
  • Integrate business systems
  • Control information flow within organisations
  • Manage customer relationships (e.g. the support section of this website)
The Lede approach to creating software:
  • Using analysis to develop business methods which maximise the benefits of IT systems.
  • Modular software, designed to adapt to future business needs.
  • Cost effective cross platform software to ensure wide choice of systems and extend scalability.
  • Primary platform: Java
  • Relational databases
The core of our software is the relational database which allows a good model of business requirements to be created and to be extended in the future. The relational database also allows multiple applications to gain access to the same data.

Please use the menu for information about particular software services:
For internet enabled solutions, from websites to online hosted applications for CRM and ERP: Internet Software
For custom applications which are not specifically internet enabled: Bespoke Software