At Lede we realised early on that it was very rarely the development and implementation of systems that was the bottle neck. It was the specification and design. That careful balance of matching perceived requirements, actual requirements, budgets and timescales. Added to this a most important factor of value from investment.

We like to work with our customers to produce results. This is not just marketing, the most important feature of IT systems is that they should 'just work' and provide benefit to you.

To gain benefit from systems is not simply 'new is better' it can require optimising and changing business processes, as well as implementing new software and hardware solutions.

Within any business there are always IT systems that are old or not running at their optimum efficiency.

Whether it's hardware or software, networking or cabling, planning or designing, Lede can provide the expertise to ensure you have all the facts and options before committing to a solution. 

Some key areas we have been working on with customers recently:

Our customers, who are usually SMEs, just as we are, know they will get a good value personal service that will bring them up-to-date, save them time and money and give them the reassurance to use IT to its maximum benefit while leaving the worry of making it work to someone else.

IT is important to every business, but only as a tool to achieve the main goals of the business function and help business growth. At Lede we understand this and tailor every solution to fit the individuality of each customer through our study of the business working and aims.

Are you looking for help with 'Clouds', virtual infrastructures or even day to day things such as upgrading internet access, firewalls, security and backups or even specifying a new server get in contact, we can help you.