Internet Software

How can an internet business solution benefit you?

Our experience in business consulting has shown that it is vital for internet software solutions to be:
  • Fully integrated into the business
  • Simple and quick to manage
  • Used internally by staff.
How do we do this?

Lede internet software is 'not just a website'
We are different, we use the power of communications to allow you to improve productivity. This could be software to host your databases and allow you to have secure access to the data while out of the office - hence 'enabling the sales person'. It could be creating an application suit which combined with broadband internet access to allow personnel to work more flexibly with access to all office facilities from their home, while being fully monitored and secure

When we are asked to design an internet business solution we approach it from a business perspective.
  • What is the business looking to achieve?
  • How can it streamline systems and costs?
  • How can it increase productivity?
  • Is there any software currently in use that could be replaced by the web solution?
  • Are there any relevant software products already on the market that would be suitable?
  • What information should be available to customers on the website?
We will show you how your business will benefit from a web solution.

Do you fully benefit from your software, or is it just doing paper processes faster?
Do you know you need the Internet but are not sure how to get there?