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Website Development

Custom-built, sleek and professional websites to represent your business online. We have a long history of website production and the latest code infrastructure to work from for new websites. Whether you are a restaurant, accountant, florist.. any type of business.. we can help you to set up an online presence, including a shop with basket/cart and checkout, menus, tickets sales, anything you require to trade or simply just market yourself on the Internet.

Information Systems Support

With over 10 years of experience, Lede offers a high quality of IT Support, combining technical proficiency with better communication skills than most IT companies. We pride ourselves on being a human interface between your business's technology and lay operator!

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System Design

Common-sense advice on utilizing or upgrading existing equipment or adding new hardware, based on the requirements of your business and your budget. Specification of network infrastructure and server hardware required for business applications.

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Cloud Migrations

Need help moving to The Cloud? Lede has experience in migrating office-based systems to hosted Exchange systems such as Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud-based e-mail and file sharing systems such as Google Apps.

Don't know what "The Cloud" is?! Give us a call and let us explain in simple English. We will give an honest appraisel of whether moving to The Cloud is the right step for your business.

Work Smarter

Allow people to work securely out of office with VPN software over the Internet. This can increase productivity, save time and travel costs and enhance staff morale by reducing travelling and costs.

Backups and Disaster Recovery

How well would your IT systems and staff respond after a disaster? Allow us to evaluate and test your backup and restore procedures to see how effective they really are.

Custom Business Software

Have custom business applications designed and built to your exact requirements. Using skills in .NET, Java, XML and SQL

Bespoke Software

System Optimisation and Analysis

Use IT to introduce new business methods designed to promote growth, efficiency and maximise staff productivity.

Get more from what you have already, improve your efficiency and productivity

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We will help you protect your business and data from viruses and hackers with security monitoring software and firewall implementations.

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